We Help Brands Diversify by Attracting a GEN Z Audience

What We Do

At iamsocial, we’re uniquely positioned to help brands target and reach a diverse Gen Z audience. Our specialty is delivering genuine, persuasive campaign content in collaboration with vetted social creators. By connecting the brand’s desired messaging with the most effective creators, we help brands become “cool” in the eyes of their desired audience while delivering engaging, entertaining, and high energy content.

Our collaborative approach with the brand and creators includes creative calls and  content ideation discussions. The ultimate result is an effective approach to the campaign that delivers on the brand’s messaging while allowing creative freedom to keep content authentic and on brand for the creator.

Our secret weapon is that each of us has personal experience in developing content ourselves as well as working directly with the creators. This hands on approach ensures that we can clearly communicate and work through each campaign with a keen understanding of each party's part of view.

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