• James Harrison


    James has a diverse background coming from a military family, serving in the Army himself, and ultimately receiving three honorable discharges. This combined with his many years of corporate work has solidified his strong background in relationship building, negotiations, and the ability to handle the most difficult situations.

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  • Marissa Eppes

    Director Of Talent Management
    ✉ marissa@iamsocial.la

    Marissa Eppes joined iamsocial in November 2021 and was promoted to the Director of Talent shortly after. Transitioning from a background in social media management, she channels her expertise to guide her creators in optimizing their organic and branded content.

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  • Abigail Lane

    Manager of Brand Partnerships

    Abigail Lane joined iamsocial in October of 2022 as a Brand Partnership Coordinator. She has an extensive background in client relations, and her detail-oriented skills in organization ensured that even the most difficult campaigns ran smoothly.

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  • Marsha Hartman

    Director of Operations

    Marsha is our Director of Operations, responsible for the execution of brand collaborations post close. She acts as a liaison between brand and creators to ensure smooth execution of deliverables.

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  • Jordan Sell

    Talent Manager

    Jordan is an avid snowboarder, hiker, and all-around adventurer.  Located in Bellingham, Washington, she spends most of her free time with her two rambunctious huskies and a very fluffy cat. Jordan is plugged into the outdoor and fitness world as a traveler, eco-conscious consumer, and recreationalist.

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  • Kate Wilson

    Campaign Manager

    Kate is a seasoned adventurer and outdoor enthusiast with a diverse professional background. As a former small business owner, travel writer, camping/hiking sales expert, and full-time traveler, she understands the importance of fostering authentic relationships between the online outdoor community and the brands they represent.

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