How Do You Value Your Time?

This is the #1 Question we ask potential clients and unfortunately the majority of creators don't have a concrete answer. We value your time by giving you more of it through our hands on management of everything related to brand deals to include negotiations, contract management, and invoicing.

What We Do

Brand Deals

By leveraging our data from hundreds of deals we’ve closed each year, we know what your services and audience are worth to a brand.

We have relationships with hundreds of top brands and agencies whom we actively pitch our creators. We are top of mind for new campaigns and creator inquiries. 

Creators have real time visibility to new deals, terms, and creative requirements through our mobile app.

This allows us to negotiate an overall better deal when it comes to price, deliverables, usage, and exclusivity.

Contract Management

Read, sign, and manage the contract process. We ensure collaboration details are correctly reflected in the contract, redline additional items not agreed to (happens at least 75% of the time), and minimize burdens on the creators related to usage, ownership, and revisions.

Brand Visibility

We know first impressions with a brand are paramount to landing a deal and creating a lasting relationship. By using our digital roster OnScale, brands have live access to your digital media kit which provides them insights into your audience demos, engagement rate, and overall reach.

As a live link, brands frequently check our roster for upcoming campaigns and new talent which allows them to know in advance which type of creators could align with their vision

Creator Mentorship

We pride ourselves on helping our creators grow personally and professionally by being a resource for guidance. Whether it is brainstorming concepts for videos, building a strategic content plan, or being a sounding board for business decisions, we enjoy building deeper relationships with our creators.

"I truly feel this talent management team is like a family."

"As a former TV news journalist, transparency and honesty are extremely important to me. When I decided to pursue a career in social media content creation, I chose iamsocial because they were the most trustworthy agency. Not only do these managers value me as a creator, they also show they care about me as a person. I truly feel this talent management team is like a family. Working with them has allowed me to financially support my son in ways I never imagined was possible! They make the process extremely easy and are available every day of the week to answer questions or help. I highly recommend iamsocial."

-Kayla Sullivan (TT: @kaylareporting IG: KaylaMarieSully)

From Gifted to Paid

Kayla went from gifted sponsorships to being a highly requested paid content creator in less than a year since partnering with iamsocial. Kayla has been able to spend more time with her son and is now living her dream as an influencer!

"I tripled my income in under three months!"

"As an experienced television and fashion industry makeup and hair stylist, being signed to a reputable talent management agency has not been a new experience for me but being signed to an agency that has provided such a high level of care, attention and help has been! Working with Iamsocial has been, by far, the most incredible experience that I have ever had with any agency. I not only feel incredibly valued as a creator but I get a tremendous amount of support and guidance from them on a regular basis. Beyond feeling like a truly valued member of the group, I have also tripled my income in under three months and earned more revenue in the month of December than I ever have in any other month in the past. This company has fought for my rights as a creator, sky rocketed my income, given me back my time to create and also allowed me to financially support my children in a way that I didn't think was ever going to be possible for me in social media. Iamsocial truly cares about their creators on a deep level and If I could give them higher than a 5/5 rating, I absolutely would! I highly recommend putting your trust in this group. "

-Gabi Soares (YT:@glamgirlgabi IG:@glamgirlgabi)

Time & Freedom

Gabi was burnt out, she was constantly checking emails and felt like her creativity and YouTube channel was suffering. Since partnering with iamsocial, she has more time with her family and has tripled her income.

"I got to work with some of the most amazing brands this year including Bacardi, Hyundai, and Lululemon."

"Working with iamsocial in the last year has been a dream. As a professional dancer and doctorate student my schedule can get packed and overwhelming, but this team has been the most supportive and helpful throughout my journey. They have been the absolute best in helping me bounce around ideas for videos and putting in the extra effort to ensure that every promotion is as successful as it can be. I would not be able to do a quarter of the promotions I have done this year if I did not have these guys on my team. Thanks to them I got to work with some of the most amazing brands this year including Bacardi, Hyundai, and Lululemon. The sky is the limit with this dream team and I can’t wait to see what’s next!"

-May Or (TT:@maylovespink IG:@maylovespink)

Dream Collaborations

May is now working with her favorite brands; Lululemon, Bacardi & Hyundai. She has been able to convert her passion for dance into creative collaborations, surpassing brand’s expectations. Iamsocial has worked hard to elevate her compensation to reward May for her dedication.

Feel Like You Should Be Making More Money?

We manage & secure sponsorships/brand deals that maximize your earnings not just for content but also for usage and exclusivity. We leverage data from hundreds of deals to ensure we are demanding a fair market rate for your services.

We have over 20 years experience managing contracts and ensure each deal is carefully reviewed for accuracy and to ensure additional requirements which have not been agreed to are removed or compensation is increased.