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Brand Challenge

TYMO was looking to partner with an authentic creator with studio quality content with a trusted audience who would convert to sales. TYMO wanted a series of dedicated YouTube videos featuring different hot tool products. This particular partnership was conversion focussed.

What We Delivered

Over the course of several months, “Glam Girl Gabi” delivered several dedicated YouTube videos highlighting different products and tailored her content to different audiences within her subscribers. Videos tailored to  fine hair, curly hair, and even general hairstyle tips not only resonated but performed extremely well.  Her meticulous detail and explanation of each product was cheered by the brand as well as her audience. Gabi has developed a very trusting relationship with her followers and they know if she recommends the product, it’s a must buy. With evergreen content, her sales have grossed more than $70,000 in products for TYMO and counting.