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Brand Challenge

Hormel wanted to promote Skippy Peanut Butter and Welch’s Jelly for National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. The goal was to have Kayla be herself and share relatable content. This would turn into a second collaboration for Skippy’s Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs.

Our Solution

Kayla’s strength is her relatability and infusion of comedic storytelling. That along with her “reporter voice” and dynamic use of “microphones” keeps the audience highly engaged. Once we shared the guidelines, we got out of the way and let Kayla be herself.

What started as a promotion for National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, turned into a second collaboration due to the highly engaged target audience Skippy was looking for. Kayla’s unique skill set and style is highly relatable to her audience and they have enjoyed seeing Kayla share her mom stories, in her reporter voice of course, while authentically promoting the brand.