About Us

Full service brand management agency who specializes in Elevating Social Media Presence, Securing & Closing Brand Deals, and Creating Additional Revenue Streams. With 20 years experience working for Fortune 100 companies as well as consulting with CEO's, the founder James Harrison leverages those experiences to help clients achieve financial success and grow their brand. In the content creation business; relationship building, contract negotiations, and the ability to close deals for his clients have been a catalyst for tremendous growth for our company. Moving to LA from Cleveland, Ohio in 2017, so his daughter, Symonne Harrison, could pursue her dreams of acting, ultimately led her in the direction of becoming a young teen influencer who has achieved immense success at the age of 15. From these experiences, James founded the company to help other influencers achieve the same financial freedom as Symonne. Brand and creators trust James and his team and appreciate their honesty, transparency, and valuing the creator for what they are worth, not at any rate just to close a deal. Want to learn more--send us a note and let's connect.