Kate Wilson

Campaign Manager | ✉ kate@iamsocial.la

About Kate

Kate is a seasoned adventurer and outdoor enthusiast with a diverse professional background. As a former small business owner, travel writer, camping/hiking sales expert, and full-time traveler, she understands the importance of fostering authentic relationships between the online outdoor community and the brands they represent.


Kate also developed an online travel community while exploring the western half of the US and found that its members engaged most often when her content genuinely aligned with their interests and own travel aspirations. Bringing this experience to her role as a Talent Manager with iamsocial, she is committed to elevating creator awareness and ensuring that collaborations maintain the integrity of the vibrant outdoor community. 


Outside of work, Kate loves to mountain bike, backpack, garden, and thrift shop for foreign records and vintage furniture. She dreams of exploring more of Australia and New Zealand, where she lived for five years.